My Research

Research Interests

My research interests stem from my desire to understand the phenomena that I continually observe as a language teacher. As such, my main research area is on individual differences in SLA. Specifically, the motivation of American college students to learn African languages. I am also interested other matters relating to African language instruction and acquisition in the United States, including the acquisition of grammar (or morphosyntax) of African languages, development of instructional materials, and teacher training.

Research Assistantship (RA)

This is my third year as a RA at the Center for Language Teaching Advancement (CeLTA) here at MSU. I have worked with teams of language specialists from the Big Ten Academic Alliance to develop language modules for select Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs) e.g. Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew and now, Portuguese under the LCTL Partnership Project that is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Other mini-projects are in progress including compiling of language resources for select Native American languages, and the development of more Open Educational Resources (OERs) that will be useful for instruction of foreign languages, especially LCTLs in the United States. This second project is called LCTL DOORs.

Other duties of mine as a Research Assistant

  • Transforming a Swahili language module into an online course.
  • Developing assessment tasks and criteria for the language modules.
  • Reviewing literature on research related to the project.
  • Contributing to publications and presentations being created by the MSU team of project directors.
  • Interviewing language specialists for project evaluation and research purposes.
  • Event planning and facilitation regarding pedagogical workshops offered by CeLTA under this grant.

Research papers

  1. Akiding, M. (2020). L2 Motivation, Anxiety and Intended Effort among learners of African languages in the United States (submitted to a journal).
  2. Akiding, M. (2019). Analysis of Grammatical and Lexical Errors in Writing Made by English-Speaking Learners of L2 Swahili (submitted to a second journal).
  3. Akiding, M. (2018). Identities, ideologies and investment of Kenyan ESL learners.

Conference/Colloquium Presentations

Paper presentations

  • Akiding, M. (2020). Transferring a language module into an online Course: The process and key take-aways. Conference of the Midwest Association for Language Learning Technology (MWALLT). Michigan State University, USA. February 8.

  • Akiding, M. (2019, September). L2 motivation, anxiety and intended effort among learners of African languages in the United States. Invited talk at the Department of Linguistics Fall Colloquium at Ohio University, Athens, OH.

  • Akiding, M. (2019). Analysis of Grammatical and Lexical Errors in Writing Made by English-Speaking Learners of L2 Swahili. 5TH CHAUKIDU International Conference, Kyambogo University, Uganda. December 13-15.

  • Akiding, M. (2018). Sensitivity of L2 learners to semantic and morphophonological information when marking grammatical gender in Swahili and Zulu. 2018 Second Language Research Forum (SLRF). University of Quebec at Montreal, Canada. October 26-28.

Poster presentations

  • Akiding, M. (2017). Assessing the perceptions of Swahili L2 learners on their course textbook. A poster presentation. 2017 Second Language Research Forum (SLRF). Ohio State university, October 12-14.

Research Photo Gallery

2017 SLRF Conference

Second Language Research Forum (SLRF) At Ohio State University, Columbus OH. October, 2017.

2017 NCOLCTL/ALTA Conference

National Council for Less Commonly Taught Languages (NCOLCTL)/African Language Teachers Association (ALTA) Conference. Chicago, IL. April, 2017.