My Teaching Philosophy

In brief…

Success in learning is influenced by a variety of factors, both internal and external to the learner. As a teacher, I strive to positively impact all of the internal and external factors I can. To that end, my teaching philosophy is based on my following four beliefs, which are pillars that guide my teaching practices.

  1. I acknowledge that every learner is different. I believe that learners differ in motivation levels, personality, innate abilities, learning strategies, and even goals. Consequently, I prepare each lesson in a way that captures most of these differences so as to benefit all learners.

2. I address learners’ goals. I believe that addressing learners’ goals contributes to sustaining their motivation and engagement throughout the learning process. 

3. I promote learner autonomy. I believe that promoting learner autonomy is a great way to maximize learners’ potential. 

4. I promote interaction in the classroom. I believe that interpersonal interaction in the classroom facilitates learning. 

Ultimately, my goal is to offer each learner the very best learning conditions and opportunities to grow.

Courses Taught



Ohio University

  • Intermediate Swahili I & II (2017 summer)
  • Elementary Swahili II (2017 spring)
  • Elementary Swahili I (2016 fall)
  • Elementary Swahili I & II (2016 summer) – STARTALK program
  • Elementary Swahili I & II (2016 summer) –FLAS program.
  • Intermediate Swahili II (2016 spring)
  • Intermediate Swahili I (2015 fall)

University of Florida

  • Advanced Swahili I & II (2018 summer) – AFLI program
  • Elementary Swahili I & II (2019 summer) – AFLI program

M.A Teaching Practicum

  • Advanced English I (spring 2017)

ESL teacher in Kenya

  • English and literature (high school level)

Teaching Photo Gallery

STARTALK Swahili, 2017

 Swahili learners and instructors having lunch at a Kenyan restaurant in Columbus OH. This was one of the cultural excursions that the STARTALK program sponsored.


ESL Teaching Practicum, 2017

This was the final day of my teaching practicum at Ohio University. We awarded students certificates of completion. 

AFLI Swahili, 2018

This was the final day of  the African Foreign Languages Initiative (AFLI) program at the University of Florida. We awarded students certificates of completion. 

Grading a Quiz, 2017

A friend took a photo of me as I was grading a quiz for my beginning Swahili students.

ESL Teaching Practicum, 2017

One of my students captured a photo of me as they were leaving the classroom after the lesson and shared it with me.

ESL Teaching Practicum, 2017

On the second last day of class, our students prepared a surprise party in class. We also listened to music from each other’s country and took photos.